Online Giving

You can accept online donations and even setup a page of products that you wish to sell online, by using paypal.  They are a trusted source for accepting all major credit cards, even bank withdrawals and more.  Signing up is free, and you can go to and design a button or a page of buttons for your needs.

There are several ways you can participate in our financial life.You can give when you celebrate with us on Sundays by placing your tithe or offering in the offering basket.
  1. You can send your tithe or offering by mail to: First Church of the Nazarene, P.O. Box 885, Elk City, OK 73648
  2. You can give online through PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account. You just need a debit/check card. Please do not tithe or give an offering by charging it to your credit card if you have accumulated debt. Note that PayPal takes 3% of each transaction. If you have any questions, contact us at
Please select an area for your donation below. If you're specifying "Other Donation", please use the text field to define the donation criteria. After clicking submit you'll have the opportunity to varify your transaction before proceeding onto PayPal. 

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